No matter what your past is, your future is as bright as your faith!

Hello….I’m Stacy Harmer, the founder of the Vibrant Living Academy and author of 7 Steps to Vibrant Living – You Deserve to Find Joy NOW!

My own healing journey of loss, pain and clinical depression has propelled me to discover my passion for helping others heal their bodies, hearts, minds and souls, helping you discover your purpose and passion and powerfully share your message with the world!

What I know:

  • You are more than what you’ve been through!
  • You are stronger than you know.
  • It is often through pain and difficult life experiences that propels us to discover our passion.
  • I can help you find healing.
  • I can help you find your voice again.
  • I can assist you to design your future to be brighter than you ever thought possible!

Reclaim your life and reinvent yourself!  Don’t wait another day to rewrite your story and design your future!