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No matter what difficult challenge you’ve been through that has kept you stuck, I want to take you through the process quicker and share with you a formula that will empower you to heal your life to not only survive, but to flourish and thrive again!

I work with individuals to help heal their personal lives, help you discover your purpose and passion and then share your message with the world.  You’ll know when true healing has occurred when your mess becomes your message!

Are you ready to go from the Pit to the Promised Land?

That is how I describe my journey….going from the Pit to the Promised Land.  After the sudden and unexpected loss of my beloved daughter, Olivia Grace, my world dropped out from underneath me.  As much as I tried to hang on, the immense amount of grief, sorrow and shock left me in a place that was difficult to navigate.  I grew to understand the power of the words and thoughts we speak to ourselves…..for good or for bad.  The pathway out of the darkness began as I sought my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Through this journey, I sought many mentors and studied at the Institute of Healing Arts and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I discovered that my purpose and passion was to help individuals that struggled, that felt hopeless, that needed to discover the tools to live a full, healthy and vibrant life!  The formula that came to me through much prayer, inspiration and seeking was the path that I followed as well as have taught to hundreds of people with beautiful success.

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This propelled me to start the Vibrant Living Academy, a community of women (and a few brave men), where we focus on healing our bodies, hearts, minds and souls.   We provide a platform for individuals to share their gifts and talents and message with the world.


I work with a handful of individuals one on one for a 6 month program, mentor group programs through my 7 Steps to Vibrant Living 8 week course, and co – mentor our Vibrant living Holistic Health Coach Certification program, where we empower and train you to become a coach and also teach others the principles I share in the 7 Steps program.


I find great meaning and purpose as I share my passion, but my true love and devotion begins with God and my Savior, Jesus Christ.  One of the silver linings of going through heart-wrenching experiences is the connection and knowledge we can gain from the Divine.  This has changed my life!

My other true love is my wonderful husband, Matt, my 7 beautiful children and spouses that have married into our family, and my one adorable granddaughter.  This is where I’ve always found my happiness and fulfilment.  I’m grateful I have these amazing individuals in my life that have always been there and supported me through the darkest times.  I’m so grateful that now I’m able to further my outreach and share my message of healing, health and hope to those that are looking!